The title comes from a quip make by the Israeli philosopher of science, Joseph Agassi, that everything not reducible to biology is explained through reference to society and vice versa.  This blog- building on my work at Etherwave Propaganda– explores the interconnections between biology and the social sciences from a philosophical and historical perspective. It engages equally with philosophers and historians of science as well as sociologists, political scientists and anthropologists.  I aim to produce philosophically informed histories of ideas.  I undertake all of this work using the perspective of critical rationalism or as Agassi phrases it in his Towards a Rational Philosophic Anthropology “my anti-all-or-nothing attitude.” This blog will treat philosophy and history of science as engaging in the same kind of work, it views these labels as existent due to a lack of understanding. So too, the categories of  biology and society.  My interests span from ancient times to the present.

Vice Versa will be an exercise in long-form blogging.


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