Robin Fox: Biosocial Anthropology as Philosophical Anthropology

Ether Wave Propaganda

In a previous post, I attempted a taxonomy of post-war inquiries which interrogated the connections between the biological and social sciences in various post-war intellectual communities.  Bio-social anthropology, biosocial anthropology, sociobiology and social biology were loosely defined.  Part of the challenge of discussing these (mostly) post-war inquiries is in going beyond the fraught discussions over the extent that any or all of these inquiries engage in biological reductionism and biological determinism.

What is needed more is a discussion of the ideas themselves and their genealogies and by extension, their connections to broader themes in post-war and Cold War sciences.  The ideas themselves are quite complicated, and many philosophers of science, such as Mario Bunge (though much of his work is among my favorites in philosophy of science) reduce them to caricatures (intelligent distortions- but reductions which worry about their societal implications and evil intent.) On a philosophical and ethical level-…

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